Mission Statement

Sloan’s Lake Dental is built upon three fundamental philosophies:

  1. Give each patient more than they expect
  2. Exceed expectations every visit
  3. Utilize comprehensive dentistry and see the patient as a whole

Giving each patient more than they expect is the very foundation that sets Sloan’s Lake Dental apart from other offices.

We don’t see our patients as patients, but as our family. When diagnosis and treating, we imagine our patients as our family and treat them the way we would treat our own family members. We strive daily to go above and beyond ensuring our patients receive more than they could expect from a dental office because we want to and because we truly love our patients.

Exceeding expectations every time is a goal that our entire office embraces and strives for.

We know that there are many choices for your dental care, but we also know that we are the top office for such needs. Therefore, we strive to always exceed your expectations and show you how grateful we are that you trust us as your dental professionals. We spend countless hours reviewing patient’s treatment plans, financial arrangements and so forth to ensure that your expectations are exceeded time and time again.

Comprehensive dentistry is the aim and vision that Dr. Pollack has brought to Sloan’s Lake Dental.

We don’t believe that dentistry is only focused on a patient’s mouth and the problems they may be feeling at the time of their visit. Instead, every visit, we check for oral cancer, review films to verify there aren’t underlying issues not being addressed, and evaluate your entire mouth. In doing so, we are able to catch and prevent issues before they become serious. Our job and responsibility is to educate you as a patient so you can always leave feeling confident about the health of your mouth and the treatment you are receiving.

We are confident that we provide high-end, outstanding dental care for each and every one of our patients.

We know that in order to maintain this level of care, we must be consistent with our beliefs and values every single day. Our philosophies and values have been put into place and we strive to achieve them every single day always making sure our patients receive everything and more from us as their dental care provider.