Office History

Sloan’s Lake Dental has been an iconic dental office serving the patients in the Denver highlands area for over 70 years.

Built upon standards of always going above and beyond to give patients the highest level of dental care has been their motto since the beginning and continues to be so today. These standards and values have proven the test of time making Sloan’s Lake Dental a much sought after dental office to serve patient’s dental needs.

Dr. Pollack believes that the best dentistry is the type that educates, informs, and prevents in order to maintain teeth and their natural tooth structure for as long as possible.

Since Dr. Sage Pollack has owned Sloan’s Lake Dental, the practice model has become one of comprehensive dentistry ensuring that areas of concern are caught and treated before they become big issues. Furthermore, she believes that seeing the patient as a whole and focusing on long-term oral health is paramount and essential.

Not only does Sloan’s Lake Dental believe in exceeding expectations in the dental office, but also out in the much loved community that they are part of.

Sloan’s Lake Dental is determined to always go above and beyond, giving patients the ideal experience at the dentist office. Additionally, this office believes in giving back to the community through monthly volunteering opportunities.

This office was built upon strong values of integrity, honesty, and overall giving its patients the absolute best and will continue to do so throughout the history of time.

Come in today and allow Sloan’s Lake Dental to be your dental professional who always exceeds your expectations while giving you a positive experience that you will not soon forget.