The Dental Advantage plan is our in-house dental coverage option that is available to all patients who currently don’t have active dental insurance, as well as new patients looking to join our practice. The plan reduces the cost of dental services 20-100% annually for you and your family and can be used at any Dentistry of Colorado location.

The Dental Advantage Plan to ensure all of our patients had access to affordable and quality dental care. Many patients don’t have access to dental insurance for many reasons such as high cost, part time employment, or lack of employeer benefits in the workplace. We wanted to ensure that our patients could still keep up to date on their regular dental care at an affordable rate.

Sign up quickly in our office and you can start using your benefits the same day as enrollment! For only $299 per year, per family member, the Dental Advantage plan gives you discounts on any dental services with no maximums and no insurance claims. You’re 100% covered for two annual cleanings and unlimited exams and x-rays for the year. With the plan you will also receive 20% off dental treatments in our office including fillings, night-guards, wisdom tooth removal, dental implants, and botox treament. This plan does not discount Invisalign services at this time.

Call us today at 303-477-7776 to get set up, or visit for more details.