Bone Grafting

What is Bone Grafting?

Bone grafting is a very simple procedure and typically doesn’t require any extra time or discomfort for a patient. When minimal bone is remaining in the jaw, bone is mixed in with the patient’s platelet rich fibrin to create an ideal environment to regenerate bone. In doing this, bone is able to regenerate, and have less resorption. This creates excellent results and greater opportunities for successful restorations are attained.

Why do I need Bone Grafting?

When a patient has limited bone, there are still options for great restorations whether it is a bridge, an implant or a partial denture. With many of these options, we want to preserve as much bone as possible. Bone grafting is a great option to help a patient reach their dental goals and desires. Our office utilizes bone grafting with most extractions, implant cases, sinus lifts, ridge splitting, and various other procedures.