Mouthguards and Sportsguards

At Sloan’s Lake Dental, we strive to make sure our patients are safe when they are out playing contact sports. We strongly advise the use of mouthguard and sports guards. Unlike night guards, which are utilized to alleviate clenching, grinding, and TMJ pain, sports guards and mouth guards are used to protect teeth, typically in contact sports and activities.

How is a mouth guard or sports guard made?

Mouth guards and sports guards are made very similar to night guards. A patient comes to our office and has impressions taken so the guard fits their mouth perfectly. Utilizing the individual impressions, a custom guard is made and fitted to the patient.

When do I wear a mouth guard or sports guard?

Mouth guards and sports guards are recommended for wear when there is a chance for the teeth to hit or be hit- usually seen in basketball, football, hockey, etc. These guards are made of a soft, protective material that protects the teeth from impact or hitting together when coming in contact with other players.

Can I use my mouth guard or sports guard in place of a night guard?

Mouth guards and sports guards cannot be used as a replacement for night guards. Since night guards are made out of a hard acrylic to stabilize the jaw, using a thick, soft material that the sports guard is made out of would be counter productive. Both guards have their specific functions and uses and cannot be used interchangeably.