Bleaching/Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening and Bleaching

One of the easiest ways to improve and enhance your smile is by giving yourself a whiter smile.


Denver-DentistsIf you live in the Denver or Edgewater area and are interested in teeth whitening, count on the professionals at Sloan’s Lake Dental for exceptional results.  At some point, most everyone’s teeth become yellow or discolored. This can be due to drinking or eating beverages or foods that stain teeth such as coffee, tea, berries, tomato sauce, even red wine or sports drinks.  The use of tobacco products can also result in brown or yellow discoloration, as can frequent use of antibiotics.

Most people’s teeth become darker or somewhat discolored over time, regardless of their efforts to brush and floss regularly.  Through professional bleaching or dental teeth whitening, your teeth can be restored to their whitest shade through an easy process that not only allows you to achieve a beautiful white smile, but easily maintain it.  We invite those in Denver and surrounding areas to learn more about our bleaching techniques by contacting Sloan’s Lake Dental today!

At our office, the process is simple.

  • We take impressions of your mouth at our office.
  • We make custom models to ensure the whitening trays are specific for your mouth, resulting in the maximum whiteness for you.
  • The next day, you come pick up the trays and we go over all of the whitening techniques.
  • You take the trays home and whiten as quickly or slowly as you desire, and whenever you want. This allows you to maintain that gorgeous smile by whitening whenever you feel the need.