Comprehensive Exams

We believe that the best dentistry is one that is preventative and comprehensive.

We don’t just focus on the problems you are currently having, although we always address those first. We give you a comprehensive exam to prevent problems before they become hurting toothache problems.

When a patient has decay in the earliest forms, the teeth typically don’t have pain associated with that decay and can be treated with minimal treatment. We strive to have this as our approach and we make recommendations to keep your mouth in the healthiest state possible.

The best way that we can do this is by giving our patients full comprehensive exams.

What happens during a comprehensive exam?

  • Upon completion of x-rays and measuring the health of your gums, Dr. Pollack will check for oral cancer and any other health issues in your oral cavity.
  • She will check for jaw issues with the goal of catching them early to avoid long-term pain.
  • Dr. Pollack will then review your x-rays and measurements.
  • She will make recommendations to ensure your mouth is healthy and receives any treatment necessary to obtain optimum oral health.