As children, when we receive our 6 year old and 12 year old molars that are permanent, they often erupt with deep grooves inside the tooth. These deep grooves are traps for holding food that can cause decay. Sealants are an excellent option to prevent decay and keep these teeth healthy and strong… and the best news, you do not need to be numbed to get sealants!

What is a sealant?

A sealant is a filling that doesn’t remove any tooth structure but helps keep teeth healthy and strong.

How does my child get sealants?

Once your child’s permanent molars are erupted enough to have sealants, usually determined by your dentist, your child comes in for a short dental appointment that goes as follows:

  • The patient is seated and the procedure is explained to them.
  • The patient has their teeth kept perfectly dry while the sealant (filling) material is placed.
  • An ultraviolet light is shined onto the tooth to “cure” the sealant making it a hard, closed material.
  • The patient has their bite checked and adjusted to ensure the sealant isn’t high.
  • The patient is dismissed and encouraged to eat and drink normally.

It is a very short, effective appointment that can prevent decay on the permanent teeth.

Does insurance cover sealants?

Typically insurances cover sealants at 100% because it is a preventative procedure to eliminate the possibility of cavities. However, every plan is different and some dental plans have age requirements. Be sure to check with your dental insurance or ask us to help you!