When teeth have large decay, fractures, cusps broken off, or just have limited tooth structure remaining, a crown is often the best option to promote longevity of the tooth.

What is a crown?

A crown is simply a fixed restoration that goes over the tooth to protect it from breaking down further. It acts like a helmet for a tooth. The crown is typically made out of tooth-colored porcelain.

How is a tooth prepared for a crown?

  • The patient is numbed to ensure a pain-free experience.
  • Any decay is removed and a new filling, called a build-up, is placed.
  • The tooth is then further prepared to restore compromised cusps.
  • An impression or scan of the preparation is taken.
  • The crown is seated with permanent cement, allowing you to leave the office with the ability to chew on the tooth as if it were your natural tooth.

What types of crowns are there?

Crowns are typically made of a tooth-colored material called porcelain. Porcelain is very durable and withstands many years without showing signs of wear. However, there are other types of crown materials such as:

  • Gold
  • Porcelain that is fused to metal
  • Zirconia (synthetic diamond)

Typically your dentist will recommend the material that is best suited for you based on your bite, your occlusion, and your wear habits to ensure the most long-term success.

Can I have my crown made in one day?

YES! At Sloan’s Lake Dental, we offer same-day crown services eliminating the need to come back for multiple visits when a crown is made out of our strong, durable porcelain material. We generally can have a patient come to our office, have the tooth prepared, scan the tooth for a perfect regeneration of the tooth, mill the crown, and seat it in one visit.

Does it cost extra for same day crowns?

No. We offer this extraordinary service to our patients at no extra cost from using a different type of crown. We know what a hassle it is to come back to the dental office so we have decided to offer this service to our patients. We have mastered the art of making same-day crowns look natural in a pain-free, peaceful environment.