Dental Bridges

There are many reasons patients may require a dental bridge. A patient may be missing a tooth due to various reasons such as decay or naturally missing permanent teeth. Whatever your reason, a dental bridge is often a great way to restore a missing tooth or teeth.

What is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge uses your natural teeth as anchors for 3 or more crowns that are glued together to replace the missing tooth. The bridge is fixed in your mouth and is a wonderful, permanent restoration. Bridges are very common and are a great alternative to implants or removable partials.

Typically a bridge is a two-appointment procedure. A patient comes in and the dentist prepares the anchor teeth to support the bridge. Impressions of the teeth are taken and then sent to the lab. The patient leaves with a temporary bridge intact.

After the lab makes a custom bridge, shaded to match the teeth perfectly, the patient returns to the office for a short visit to cement the bridge permanently.