Implant Overdentures

One of the best ways to have something “as close to permanent denture” is by utilizing implants. By using implants, the denture is more stable since it locks onto the implants instead of being able to “float” and rub in the mouth. Using implants to secure the denture increases stability resulting in being able to chew better, increased comfort, and better overall success verses traditional dentures.

What is an All on 4 Dental Implant?

An All on 4 Dental Implant is where your dentist will strategically place 4 implants (possibly more depending on what your dentist thinks will give the best results) based on your bone availability, mouth, and bite to provide the most stability for your denture. By placing these implants, the denture will literally lock onto the implants creating a stable, close to permanent denture, that is comfortable and easy to remove.

What is an Implant Overdenture?

An Implant Overdenture is very similar to the All on 4 Denture Implant but instead of having all of the weight and chewing forces on just four implants, more implants are placed allowing for better results. Your dentist will determine the amount of implants needed based on your available bone, chewing forces, and bite. Your dentist will go over all options with you to ensure you have the greatest success and comfort with your implant overdenture.

What is the advantage to using implants with dentures with an All on 4 Denture Implant or an Implant Overdenture?

The advantage to utilizing implants with dentures is that there is more stability and security allowing for a better fitting, better-utilized denture. When dentures don’t have implants, they can tend to “float” in a patient’s mouth causing sores due to the constant rubbing. With All on 4 Dentures or an Implant Overdenture, the denture locks onto the implants eliminating any ability to “float”, rub or move since the denture is secured by the implants.

Do I have to have implants in order to get a denture?

No. You absolutely do not need to have implants in order to receive a denture. However, your dentist might recommend the implants for the best results. Ultimately, you are the patient and we respect your right to determine what treatment you would like after being educated about all options.

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