Full-mouth reconstruction is an option for those with a variety of issues such as bone loss, extensive cavities, severely worn teeth, or missing teeth.

At Sloan’s Lake Dental, we are deeply experienced in full mouth reconstruction. One of our absolute favorite dental procedures is restoring a person’s entire mouth, because it so often literally changes their lives so dramatically for the better!

We take great pride in restoring someone’s confidence and function. This procedure creates drastic, incredible results in typically two to three visits major visits.

Why would a patient need a full-mouth reconstruction?

Full-mouth reconstruction typically is performed due to:

  • Collapsed bite due to years of grinding teeth away.
  • Loss of bone due to removed teeth either from decay, genetics, or poor dental hygiene.
  • Genetically missing teeth limiting the forces that your teeth can handle.
  • Cosmetic Dentistry
  • And various other reasons.

Whatever your reason, we are here to help. We know we can help you achieve the bite, functionality, and esthetics you have been hoping for.

What happens during a full-mouth reconstruction?

After your initial consul with one of our dentists, we will put together a treatment plan that fits your wants and needs. Typically, we will also have diagnostic or mock up models constructed for a better visual aid and to further develop the complex plan.

Once the treatment goals align, and everyone is in agreement of what should be done, a block of time is scheduled and the procedure is started.

If it is going to be a longer appointment, we will recommend “sedation dentistry” to help ensure you have the best experience. This will put you in a more relaxed state, either with IV Sedation or Oral Sedation.

During the appointment:

  • The patient is made very comfortable and is encouraged to bring music or a book on tape to ensure they are comfortable, relaxed, and able to enjoy their appointment.
  • All teeth are prepared for the reconstruction with build-up fillings, impressions, and temporaries made.
  • The patient leaves the office with beautiful temporaries that look like natural teeth.
  • The patient goes to our lab for a custom shade to ensure the new teeth are the shade the patient wants.
  • After the new teeth are made, the patient comes back for the cementation of all teeth.

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