From the time of childhood when your first tooth erupts, your teeth are constantly developing and moving.

When tooth decay does begin, there is a chance that some of these teeth will develop infections or permanent damage.

Sometimes this will require having the tooth “pulled” or removed, also known as a tooth extraction.

Signs that a Tooth Needs to Be Pulled:

Tooth Extraction Denver - Dentistry of ColoradoImpaction or Overcrowding

Impacted teeth grow or shift into the wrong position and become useless.

Overcrowded teeth can prevent other teeth from coming through making extractions necessary.


If a tooth has extensive decay, or is cracked or broken to the point that it can’t be saved.


If infection from a decayed tooth has spread to the point that root canal treatment doesn’t save the tooth.

Patients with a weaker immune system or undergoing chemotherapy may also make tooth extraction necessary to avoid risking the patient’s oral (and overall) health.

What To Expect During a Tooth Extraction

It’s important for you to know that during a tooth extraction, with the help of modern pain killing drugs (anesthetics) you will not feel pain.

You might feel some sensations of pressure, but you don’t need to worry about pain.

The majority of extractions are relatively simple and will only require a local anesthetic (small injection).

If injections make you nervous, you can ask for a pill to make you relax. Or you have the option of using “laughing gas” (Nitrous oxide) which many patients find very relaxing and pleasant.

There are other extractions that are more complex. Sometimes the tooth has broken off at the gum line or there has been some other trauma.

This may require a small incision, dealing with some of the bone around the tooth or cutting the tooth in half. These are all a bit more complicated surgical procedures.

But once again, there is no need to fear pain during the procedure as there is stronger medication available.

In addition to the local anesthetic, you can get an overall drug that will either put you in a light sleep or completely under. Your dentist will work with you to determine what is the most appropriate solution for you and your preferences.

What To Do After Having A Tooth Pulled

When you leave our offices after a tooth extraction, we will give you a complete set of instructions and answer any questions you might have.

You can also read our blog What To Do After Having a Tooth Pulled. It gives you everything you need to know about aftercare to make sure you heal up as quickly as possible and avoid discomfort.

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